Madrid Briefing

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This tour is lead by true Madrileños, born and raised in the fabulous city and excited to share their insider knowledge and tips with you. Though your time in Madrid might be limited, this tour is a great investment and you will leave with a ton of knowledge on historic sites and with great ideas on how to spend the rest of your vacation.  On this 3 hour leisurely walk through the historic city center, you will have a chance to take in the sites and flavors of the city. Along with your trusted guide, you will explore the cultural highlights and trace the history of Madrid from its medieval beginnings to modern times. Today, Madrid is the thriving capital of Spain, and your guide will fill you in on the latest news, shows, and exhibitions. The Madrid Briefing tour will help you understand what to do, what to see, what events brought Madrid to where it is today, and where the best social and cultural events are taking place during your visit.