Liban Querry


As an unmaintained site, the quarry is rather overgrown with nature and has become somewhat of a sanctuary for several types of bird such as waterfowl and pheasants, among other critters. The rusted refinery lies surrounded by steep limestone cliffs, covered with a thick forest of pines. The original fence posts and barbed wire can still be found hidden within the shrubbery that surrounds the quarry. There is a slightly eerie feel to the quarry, given its lack of use and derelict state, but it hosts a wealth of history nonetheless.

Established by two Jewish industrial families from Podgórze in 1873, the quarry was connected to a railway line for easy transportation of materials. The quarry was active until the Nazi occupation, where it was then used as a labor camp for young Polish prisoners from 1942 until 1944. When the camp was liquidated near the end of the war, 21 inmates were executed and a small, overgrown memorial lies on the cliffside towards Za Torem. Although it is quite possible to find and explore the Liban Quarry on your own, a guide can provide an enhanced visit and a deeper insight into the history and nature of this unique site.

Image attribution:
Mateusz Giełczyński, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons