La Cloche à Fromage


Founded in 1988 by René Tourrette, the restaurant marks the beginning of the Tourrette house’s adventure. Its innovative concept earned it its name and its unrivaled success: quickly the cheese bell was recognized as the largest in the world by the Guinness Book Records in 1989.

Replaced by a more efficient model in 2016, this unique catering unit brings together all the current technologies for preserving cheeses and perfecting their ripening. From the height of its 1.96m and its 1.88m in diameter, it can accommodate up to 90 varieties!

Whether you are a connoisseur, novice enthusiast or simply curious, let our master cheesemakers guide you to discover cheese culture, terroirs, herds and seasons in a warm atmosphere.

On the menu, themed tasting platters, the emblematic La Cloche à Fromage fondue available in several variations, our famous raclette served in a traditional oven, and other specialties … We also offer à la carte dishes and daily specials in season, mostly served with a cheesy touch.

All our cheeses are matured in our cellar, where they reach maturity and develop all their taste qualities. Our homemade dishes and our original recipes are prepared on site from fresh products.