Kraków Bike Day Tour

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Get off the beaten path and onto a bike with a Kraków Bike Day Tour. Certified tour guides will show you the popular sights and hidden secrets of Kraków, while giving you an informative and interesting background on the fascinating history of this ancient city. Traveling by bike allows you to see more than when walking – in fact, you can get 2 days of sightseeing into just a few hours, with the added bonus of meeting other travelers and a bit of fun exercise.

The Kraków Bike Day Tour hits most of the major tourist destinations including Old Town and the Jewish Quarter. In half a day visitors can see the Main Market Square, the Czartoryski Museum, the Old City walls and main gate, St. Mary’s Church, the Jewish Cemetery, the Kraków Ghetto of World War II and Oscar Schindler’s Factory. Along the way, you’ll visit some secret spots in the city, and learn about Polish football hooligans, life in the ghetto, what Polish foods are a must-try, and many more facts about Polish history and life. The Kraków Bike Day Tour runs twice a day (at 10:00 and 15:00) from May 1st until September 30th, and once daily the rest of the year, though the times change with the season, so its best to check their website for the most up-to-date information.

The tours run in rain or shine unless there are conditions that deem the roads unsafe for riding. While reservations are not mandatory, they are preferred, especially for groups larger than 10. There’s no need to worry about bike safety and difficulty riding: most of the tour covers pedestrianized zones and visitors as old as 80 have joined the tour. Your guide will include many breaks and stopping points to explain the surroundings, so the tours last about 4 hours with considerably less time spent biking. Join a Kraków Bike Day Tour for a unique and informative way of exploring this hidden gem of a city.