Karyna Tymoshenko

Group Historical Sightseeing Private Walking Day Trip

Karyna left her marketing job to follow her dream of becoming a full-time tour guide. Ever since moving to Vienna from the Ukraine thirteen years ago, she has been in love with the history and culture of Vienna. Even in the most hidden spots around the city, there is meaning and Karyna set out to discover the meaning and history of all the sites, streets, and alleyways that were around her.

She loves learning about the conflict and history that shaped Vienna into the city it is today, but even more than that, she loves being able to share that knowledge with the people around her. Her tours range from classic tours for those wanting a broad introduction of the city to specialty tours that dig into urban life, or the history of cinema in Vienna. Then there are surprise tours that can be arranged for those who might not know exactly what they want, but do know what they are not interested in. Karyna helps people discover Vienna and fall in love with the city in the same way she did.