Group Historical Private Walking Day Trip

Joanna’s painter profession gives her unique insight into the history of Kraków – insight that she shares with her guests on her private tours of Kraków. Determined to show tourists both the beautiful and dark sides of the city, Joanna’s tour is sure to awaken and enlighten you to the wonderful things that make Kraków such a special city. Joanna’s artist eyes show her that each monument, each place of the city, has its own mystery and artistic value.

Join a fascinating and unusual perspective of Kraków to learn unexpected facts about this ancient city and uncover some of the hidden secrets that aren’t often seen. An example of a tour itinerary with Joanna includes a visit to St Mary’s Church, St Florian’s Gate, the Town Hall Tower, St Peter and St Paul’s Church, and St Adalbert Church. Tours can be anywhere upwards of 3 hours depending on the itinerary and desired destinations, but as a registered Kraków tour guide, Joanna is flexible and accommodating. If you’re looking to experience a different side of Kraków, Joanna’s your guide.