Jewish Quarter


The Jewish quarter of Segovia was a neighborhood of the city of Segovia inhabited by the Hebrew community since at least the 12th century and until its expulsion by the Edict of Granada promulgated by the Catholic Monarchs in 1492 . At the time it was one of the richest and most populated communities in all of Castile . It produced important figures like Abraham Senior and his son-in-law Meyer Melamed, who served the Catholic monarchs up to 1492. Segovia also saw a violent anti-Jewish movement under the influence of the Santa Cruz convent and subsequently as a result of the “Holy Innocent Child” affair at La Guardia.

It is easy to find the old Jewish quarter. It is located to the south of the city, between the old Main Synagogue and the streets of Judería Vieja, Santa Ana, el Rastrillo, Plazuela and calle del Socorro, Judería Nueva and Almuzara, although there were also Jewish houses in the vicinity of the Puerta de San Andres .