Jerusalem Jazz Festival

5th July 2022 - 7th July 2022

The Jerusalem Jazz Festival features a rich range of original productions, premieres, one-off musical collaborations, surprising mini shows, improvisations, and conversations with musicians, giving a new perspective to the artworks displayed throughout the museum. The artistic program reflects the variety of styles that comprise the contemporary jazz world, from world music, through hip hop, rock, groove, to supersonic jazz, and free jazz, classical chamber music, big band arrangements and more. The original productions were inspired by the artworks in the museum while other productions adapted the show in response to this creative space. This has led to a three-way dialogue between music, art, and cultural consumers.

This year, the festival focuses on original Israeli music from a wide range of styles. The extraordinary encounter between music and art, the festival’s inspiring hallmark from day one, continues to be a central pillar of the artistic program, with several different shows taking place throughout the museum’s magical sculpture garden every evening.

The 7th Jerusalem Jazz Festival, created by the Israel Festival in partnership with Israel Museum, and under the artistic direction of international trumpeter Avishai Cohen, will take place alongside the Israel Festival on 22-24.6.21, in the magical Sculpture Garden of the Israel Museum.