Jerusalem Exhibition

Virtual Scheduled Video

Delicious Experiences helps companies bring remote teams together to celebrate and deepen their bond, strengthen connections with clients, and improve employee happiness. Our unique culinary experiences focus on bringing people together through engaging, fun, virtual, hands-on events that help catapult your teams and clients to a different time and place.
If you are looking to turn your kitchen into a Mediterranean haven, or to learn about the spicy secrets that fuel delicious Israeli cuisine, this session is for you! Together with an English-speaking chef from Delicious Israel, we will explore how the mosaic of ethnic influences shape the modern Israeli kitchen. If you are curious about what it means to eat like an Israeli, let us walk you through how to best use fresh produce, introduce you to special ingredients you may or may not yet know, and teach how to bring out the maximum flavor of your dishes using spices and condiments. The menu is flexible and can be adapted to your needs, whether vegan, Keto, vegetarian, Kosher, gluten free, or any other special requests you may have.