Insider Tour Berlin

Private Group Historical Walking Day Trip

Get your walking shoes on and get ready for a fascinating tour around the city of Berlin. Informative and entertaining, you’ll see some of the main sites and get an insider’s view of a whole lot of hidden gems. Choose from a range of tours that will take you all over the city with expert guides, walking and talking you through the beauty and the gritty history of the famous city.

With a turbulent history, Insider Tour Berlin guides can take you all the way back to its origin as a pagan fishing village, help you feel the horrors of WWII or give you a sense of hope and excitement for the modern Berlin that you’re visiting now. Culture is an important part of Berlin’s past and present and you’ll get a glimpse of some of the most notable museums on the tours.

Some of the tours you might like to choose from include:

  • The Famous Inside Walk – hidden Berlin and ALL main sites
  • Third Reich Berlin – Hitler and WWII, the final days
  • Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp – memorial tour
  • Cold War Berlin – behind the wall
  • Insider’s Potsdam – Kaisers to Komissars – Prussia’s wonderland
  • Berlin Today – reunited and revived
  • Jewish Berlin – destruction and rebirth
  • Day Trip: Berlin to Dresden – Saxon kings, WWII destruction and more
  • Pergamon and New Museum Tour – treasures of the ancient world

Guided private tours are popular for individuals, educational institutions, social or corporate groups, and organizations, and can be tailored to suit any type of visitor on any specialized subject. With a complicated history that is dark in many periods, Insider Tour Berlin brings out all sides of the Berlin character, understanding the viewpoint of its visitor and the reality of its locals.

Whether you’re looking for facts and details or stories and jokes, no tour will be dry (although you might prefer to avoid the rain). Don’t risk missing out on those out-of-the-way spots or corners of historical significance by going alone. With daily tours, you can find the subject matter that appeals to you on the day and time that best suits you. All you need is your walking shoes to enjoy the non-scripted tours that have welcomed hundreds of thousands of guests over the past ten years.

If you’re looking for the insider view on Berlin, with all the little secrets and obscure facts that only someone who lives in the city can know, the long-term residents that make up the guides of Insider Tour Berlin, may hold just the answers you’re looking for.