Hotel de Jobo

5 Stars
The Hôtel de Jobo is named after Joséphine Bonaparte, the founder of the charming hotel. She was a trend-setter, admired by all for her sense of fashion and style, but also had a down-to-earth side which was expressed in her secret garden. Just outside Paris, at Malmaison, she had a garden of 240 rose species from around the world which reminded her of her child when she would run barefoot in her hometown of Trois-Îlets.

There are five different rooms to choose from with different sized beds and capacities. The hotel has an exceptional bar and tea room with amazing local flavors and classic drinks, as well as a patio area for relaxing and enjoying the Paris night sky. You will find several sites, cafes, and shops in any direction you walk from the hotel, and you can get to the Seine River in just a few minutes. This hotel is a delightful and intimate space that allows you to relax while seeing the best Paris has to offer.