Hollmann Beletage Design & Boutique Hotel

5 Stars
Robert Hollmann founded this boutique hotel in October of 2003 and it has slowly expanded over the years. He studied in hotel school and after graduating, worked as a patissier and chef in Vienna, New York, and Honolulu. He went on to study acting and after playing leading roles on stage in Berlin, Vienna, and Regensburg, he decided to open a space where he could direct his own shows. When the hotel first opened, nine rooms were designed and built around a spacious living room, kitchen, and dining room shared space. Three years later, seven charming, Viennese-styled rooms were added, in addition to a sauna, salon, and new reception area. In 2008, nine more rooms, a hotel cinema, a garden, and a playroom were added, which completed the magnificent hotel. Hollmann Beletage is located in the city-center of Vienna, located just 2 minutes from St. Stephen's Cathedral. There is plenty to explore right outside the hotel and is just a short ride away from the city's top sites and attractions. When you come home from a long day of exploring, you will find several spots around the hotel to relax; you can choose from the cinema, spa, garden, or cafe. The small touches, such as daily fruit baskets, free iPad's (upon request for the duration of your stay), and authentic hotel staff will make your stay unlike any other.