Grave of Dr. Várhelyi Rósa Izsó’s

Jewish Grave

Dr. Várhelyi Rósa Izsó was the first Jewish lawyer in the city, president of the Jewish community. His Art Deco-sytle grave is a monumental memorial closing down the end of the first main road of the cemetery. Dr Izsó Rósa (Rosenberg) (1842–1918) was a famous president of the Szeged Jewish Community, a well-known public figure and the first Jewish lawyer in the town of Szeged. He was member of the committee of 12 people responsible for rebuilding the city after the Great Flood of 1879. His house is still standing next to the National Theatre at 4 Stefánia Street. Grave location: Parcel 24, line 0, grave 2

Dr Izsó Rósa had been connected to the city of Szeged during his whole life. After finishing primary school, he attended the Piarist High School in 1859. After graduating from the University of Vienna, he pursued studies in law at the University of Budapest. As a student, he was involved with emancipation movements. He was the first Israelite who opened a law office in Szeged. The famous writer Kálmán Mikszáth described him as follows: “the most diligent man and the greatest worker. His profession is altercation, but regardless of that, he is excellent in mitigation.” He filled in several leading positions: he was the president of the Jewish community from 1882; the New Synagogue of Szeged was built during his leadership. He was member of the Court Services Committee and the General Assembly. Rósa was also member of the Universal Jewish Congress, the Public Services Office, the Public Buildings Office, the Public Court Office, the Schools Committee and the Music School Committee. He was also a Liberal party chairperson and the honorary grandmaster of the Árpád Freemasons’ Lodge. From 1886 until his death, he was the chair of the bar. For his valuable services, he received nobility with the forename Várhelyi in 1884; his family crest is depicted on the top of his column-shaped gravestone.