Glass Blowing Demonstrations

Group Sightseeing

Renowned glass blower and painter Sheva Chaya enlivens her beautiful and popular gallery in Tzfat’s Artist Quarter, where she shares her story, artistic process, and unique insights with thousands of visitors from around the world each year.

After receiving her degree in Visual arts and Art History from Princeton University in 1997, Sheva Chaya made Aliyah to Tzfat, Israel, where the land, the people, and the rich tradition of spiritual teachings infused a greater depth to her work.

Sheva Chaya works in the medium of borosilicate glass and watercolor paint. Her art touches the themes of the Land of Israel, Jewish women, Torah and Kaballah, great mystics, and inner light.

She leads various workshops and retreats, and teaches both painting and glassblowing.

Sheva Chaya regularly hosts lively glass blowing demonstrations in her studio, with a mystical twist unique to her and the city of Tzfat. Her glassblowing demos are well known and have made Tzfat Glass a destination for tourists and art enthusiasts.