Ghimel Garden

Mediterranean European

Ghimel is the third letter of the Hebrew alphabet, but the same is true for the Ghetto di G and the gondola G, two elements that identify the Jews of Venice on the one hand and the symbols of the Serenissima on the other. The Ghimel Garden Palace, located at the Papafava palace, offers several rooms for all types of events, ideal for families, couples and organized events (weddings, birthday parties, catering, and Shabbat).

For a dairy kosher dining experience head to the Ghimel Garden, sure to satisfy a wide array of cravings with its diverse menu, offering foods ranging from the traditional chickpea-based falafel, to the tomato-heavy stew of Shakshuka, creamy Italian pastas, veggie-rich salads and herb infused fish. Ghimel is vegan and gluten-free friendly. It’s menu is infused with Mediterranean and traditional “Jewish cuisine” influences. The family-friendly space is open to business Sunday through Saturday, yet remains closed during Shabbat hours.

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