Eyal Dov Roth

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Born and raised in Israel, Eyal Roth moved to Berlin in 2010 and has been a tour guide for more than 6 years. Enchanted by the dark history of the European Jews and his own heritage as the grandson of four Holocaust survivors, Eyal became an expert in all things Jewish in Berlin. Given the sensitivity of the tours subject matter, Eyal encourages asking questions and engaging in conversation while also giving tour participants time to process things in silence.

Join Eyal on a four or five-hour tour walking, biking or driving around the city while uncovering the history of the Jews of Berlin. Eyal will meet you at your hotel and take you through the old Jewish quarter, the Jewish cemetery of Berlin, and the secret, underground life of Jews during the Nazi regime. The tour will also include the Otto Weidt museum, the AHAVA orphanage, the New Synagogue Berlin, and many other historical Jewish sights.

The tour continues on to cover the Jewish persecution in the early 1900’s and the infamous Platform 17 where the Jews of Berlin were sent to the concentration camps. Eyal is open to adding and removing sites from the tour depending on the needs and wants of his clients, so you can get a more tailored experience if you’d like. He can also include a coffee or lunch break and is accommodating to youth and people with disabilities. This private tour is a great way to experience a personal connection to the rich history of the Jews of Berlin.

While Eyal may focus on the Jewish history of the city, he does offer a variety of other tours:

  • The Introductory Tour of Berlin – cover all the basics by putting 700 years of history into just a few hours
  • A Tour Following the Berlin Wall – find the method to the madness on this trip along the infamous Wall
  • The Alternative Berlin Tour – head off the beaten path on this art-focused tour
  • The Night Tour – experience the famous clubs, bars, pubs and galleries of this raging city
  • Bike Tours – see more in a shorter span of time, great for those on a time limit

Eyal Dov Roth’s tours are one of Tripadvisor’s top 5 recommended outdoor activities and in 2016 he received their Certificate of Excellence. For those truly wanting to delve into the incredibly complicated history of Berlin’s Jews, a tour with Eyal is a must.