Group Historical Sightseeing Private Walking
Elisa was born and raised in western France in the city of Brittany. She studied art history, Spanish, and English, became a licensed tour guide, and then finally moved to Paris. There are several tours Elisa offers and she is allowing willing to adapt the tour to fit your family or group's interests. She can take you to the Opera House or the Eiffel Tower, take you on a day tour of the city's highlights and top attractions, and even take you around the Louvre or Orsay Museum, showing you some of the most famous masterpieces. Maybe you want to explore Auvers-Sur-Oise, the town where Vincent Van Gogh lived, or visit the Basilica of Saint-Denis, where the French kings are buried. Wherever you decide to tour, Elisa will make sure you have a relaxing day filled with history, fun, and memories.