Dávid Kiss Palace


The Kiss Dávid Palace, which is bordered by two streets and two squares, has survived the Great Flood, revolutions and two world wars and it is considered as one of the most valuable buildings in town. It is the greatest Eclectic Palace of Szeged

One of the most famous and largest palaces in the city was built in Eclectic style before the Great Flood of 1879. History of the palace dates back in 1870 when the City Council decided to reshape, more precisely shorten, the main marketplace known as Széchenyi Square since 1860. The remaining plots were sold out for local residents; the wealthy Jewish trader Dávid Kiss, first president of the Szeged Commercial and Industrial Bank, was one of the first buyers acquiring a double plot. Kiss contracted architects Károly Benkő and Ferenc Kolbenheyer from Budapest to draw the plans of the building and supervise the construction. Much to the surprise of locals, the richly decorated building was nearly finished by the autumn of 1872 after receiving building permission in 1871. There were 30 stores and 18 apartments with 4-7 rooms in the building, which has a large courtyard and a richly decorated staircase ceiling depicting Mercury, god of commerce, known from Roman mythology. Grandiose style, rich decoration and size of the Dávid Kiss Palace clearly set a role model for downtown palaces built after the Great Flood. At the beginning a hat storage room and glassware store took place in the building, then, a bookstore, a stationery and music store run their businesses here, along with the famous Kígyó Pharmacy, which is still in business. Nowadays, different shops and companies are active in the palace that is one of the architectural jewels of Szeged.