Ciduk Hadin House


On the right side of the cemetery, we can find the Ciduk Hadin House, the mortuary with its brick covered walls overlooking the monuments of the cemetery, designed by the same architect, Lipót Baumhorn, who made several of the city’s major buildings including the New Synagogue and the headquarters building of the Jewish Community in Gutenberg Street.

Ciduk Hadin House, built by Lipót Baumhorn, one of the greatest persons in Hungarian synagogue architecture, serves the purpose of ceremony building. Before the burials, this is the place where people pay their condolences to the deceased. In the middle of the place there is a catafalque where they place a simple coffin covered with black sheet, until the burial ceremony. There are about 40 crypt-bays in the basement of the building where the coffins were lowered through a trap door which is covered with a carpet nowadays. These crypts are out of use today. On the inner walls of the building, lightened with David’s star shaped candle holders, Hebrew religious texts and the names of the dead from the Szeged brick factory ghetto can be found. All of these people rest in the 97th parcel. Above the west entrance of the building, a marble memorial board can be seen listing the names of previous leaders of the Jewish community.