Cathedral of Notre ­Dame of Strasbourg


To observe the wonderful front of the cathedral, with its multitude of figures/sculptures takes several hours ! Its particularly rich statuary tells countless stories to the attentive observer.
The main front, the most richly decorated, presents on its right portal the Tempter, surrounded by the Wise and Foolish Virgins, on the left portal the battle of the Vices and the Virtues. Between the two, the central portal evokes the passion and resurrection of Christ.

Continuing the observation from the Place du Chateau (Castle Square), we will let our eyes linger on the south portal and more particularly on the pair of sculptures of the Church and the Synagogue, placed on either side of these portals. They originally framed a figure of King Solomon, an artwork that has now disappeared. These two female figures, allegories of the Christian and Judaic religions, are among the most famous masterpieces of Western art in the Middle Ages.

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