Caesarea, Zichron, and Haifa Tour

Private Historical Day Trip Nature

This is a one-day private tour to Zichron Yaakov, Caesarea and Haifa. With a personal guide you will tour the highlights of these sights, representing ancient, modern and multicultural Israel. Tour the ruins in Caesarea and visit the famous amphiteater. Then, journey to Zichron Yaakov, one of Israel’s first settlements and learn about the Jewish pioneers whilst enjoying the quaint atmosphere. Visit the Carmel winery during your Zichron Yaakov private tour before journeying north to Haifa. Here you will enjoy panoramic views over the city where Jews, Muslim, Christian and Bahai peacefully coexist. For a final stop on your private tour, stop at the Druze village Dalit-el-Carmel, it’s a real feast for the senses. Your personal guide will be able to tailor the day to your preferences. This is your private tour so customize it and enjoy it!

During the tour we will stop at the following sites: Bahai Gardens in Haifa, Beit NILI, Caesarea National Park, Daliat-el-Carmel, German Colony in Haifa, Zichron Yaakov Wineries, and Muhraka Monastery in Haifa

The private tour starts by driving along the coast road to Caesarea. Made famous by Herod, he built a Roman City in honor of Caesar Augustus. On your private tour you will explore the ancient ruins with your personal guide, explaining the history surrounding the aqueducts, homes, stores, hippodrome, Herod’s palace, temples, warehouses and the ancient port. View the crusader fortress, the Ottoman mosque and the Roman amphitheater, which still functions today.
You will continue your private tour to Zichron Yaakov, at the southern end of the Carmel Mountain range. Founded in 1882, by Baron Rothschild, it’s one of Israel’s earliest settlements. There are cottages with inner courtyards designed with a European influence. The main thoroughfare of Zichron Yaakov is a cobbled street with quaint cafes and boutique shops. Your Zichron Yaakov private tour will take you to Beit Nili, a base for a spy ring during World War I. Next, a visit to the Ohel Yaakov Synagogue, dating back to 1886. Finally, stop for wine tasting at The Carmel Winery, established in 1885 as Israel’s first winery. This is your Zichron Yaakov custom tour, so you decide the order and the pace.

Heading north to Haifa, enjoy the immaculate Baha’i Gardens and take in the panoramic view across Haifa bay. On your private tour, visit the German Templar settlement, then head up to the Muhraka Monastery which sits on the highest point of the Carmel Mountain range. It is believed that the Prophet Elijah took refuge here during the Crusader era. Enjoy some wonderful views of the valley below.On the return journey, stop at the Druze village, Dalit-el-carmel. This is a feast for the senses with a vibrant marketplace packed with delicious food and fresh aromas. Have your personal guide explain the traditional Druze dress and religious beliefs.