Beth Café

Mediterranean Jewish Style Ethnic Eastern European Ashkenazi

The Beth Cafe on Tucholskystraße was one of the first Jewish establishments to be built by the Jewish Congregation Adass Yisroel after the reunification of Berlin. The Cafe specializes in Israeli and Jewish foods such as hummus, matzah dumplings, falafel, bagels, and knishes. It also serves delicious hot coffee, tea, and a selection of Wines. All the food is Kosher and under the auspices of the Adass Congregation. Beth Cafe is a non-profit cultural institution and an integral part of the Adass Congregation. The photos on display in the Beth Café are part of a larger photography exhibition by the Berlin photographer, Steffen Jasnowski. The photo exhibition focuses on the City of Jerusalem, man’s connection with God, and the Western Wall.