Berlin Bike Tour

Private Group Sightseeing Historical Biking

Are you tired of booking an exciting tour, getting up early but then finding out you’re in a group of 50 tourists and you can’t hear or see what’s going on? It happens a lot, especially in major cities like Berlin. All too often is your money wasted on big tours where you have to wrestle past the other group members just to ask the guide a simple question.

That’s where the Berlin Bike Tour comes in. For all of their public tours, they guarantee your group will be no larger than eight people, who are all like-minded individuals looking to have a cultural, insider experience of Berlin on two wheels.  If you’re a Berliner but have family coming to town, what better way to keep visitors entertained than show them the city’s astounding history? Their experts also cater to corporate events, school tours, and family vacations – whatever you’re up to in the city, they’ve got you covered.

The best thing about the Berlin Bike Tour is that it can be fun for all of the family. Berlin is a very bike-friendly city, suitable for kids and older adults. It is a safe, fun, and educational way to spend a day in one of the world’s best cities. The tours run twice daily from April to October, with a morning and early afternoon tour to suit all sightseeing schedules. In the winter months, the tours run once a day in the morning to make the most of the beautiful German winter.

The Berlin Bike Tour historians can guide you through all of Berlin’s historical landmarks, including:

  • The Berlin Wall Bike Tour: this tour traces the infamous Cold War through important historical monuments such as the Tranenpalast and Checkpoint Charlie, amongst others.
  • The Berlin Mitte Bike Tour: this tour will take you and your group through the most important centres of Berlin’s history, including monuments like the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate. With the Berlin Bike Tour guides, you can cover some 800 years of history in one afternoon.
  • The Berlin Potpourri Tour: this tour takes you through some of the lesser-spotted areas and monuments of Berlin’s impressive history. This is great for those who really want to get an insider’s look at the German capital.  

On a sunny day in Berlin, there’s nothing better to do than put on your helmet and your sunglasses and set off on your bike. So many tourists sit in buses during the summer weather, not able to fully engage with the history they’re seeing. That’s why the Berlin Bike Tour offers a real, interactive tour of all of Berlin’s history, with professionals who know the city inside out.