Bahur Tov

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Bahur-Tov is one of the oldest kosher restaurants in Vienna serving a variety of regional, oriental, international, and Jewish dishes. Asher Davidov founded the restaurant, naming it "Bahur-Tov", which means "good boy" in Hebrew. He received a lot of praise for this name as it brings back pleasant memories. Asher was strongly involved in the local Jewish community and opened the restaurant upon request by community members who wanted Jewish, Asian, and international kosher food. This restaurant has been a popular place ever since its opening.  Both locals and travelers from around the world have given Bahur-Tov great reviews for their service, reasonable prices, location, and of course, fabulous food. The restaurant is located in the center of the Jewish district and is convenient for the thousands of visitors who explore the area. They also offer catering for all types of events and occasions, from seminars and meetings, to receptions and parties. Whether you're in the mood for lamb skewers, a falafel sandwich, teriyaki salmon, Shanghai beef, or a hamburger, you'll be sure to find something delicious from their multi-cultural menu.