Ashkenazi Synagogue

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The synagogue of Jews of Europe and Georgia, located at Baku, was opened on March 9, 2003. The temple was built based on a project by architect Alexander Karberin. This place of worship is considered to be the first synagogue built in the Near East in 60-80 years. This building, considered to be one of the largest synagogues in Europe, was erected on the place of an old temple. After World War II, Soviet Power gave a single floor building with ancient military warehouses to Georgian and European Jews for their religious needs. Men were praying in the cold and damp basement of the building, which women were praying in the praying in the upper room and the balcony. The new building of the synagogue has three floors, and is very comfortable for praying and carrying out other religious rituals. People from different religions and classes contributed to the synagogue’s construction. The name of each person and organization that helped the project is engraved on boards at the entrance of the temple. Not only Jewish organizations living abroad, but also Caucasian Muslims Office and the Baku and Russian Orthodox Church in Azerbaijan have helped to finance the construction.