Along the Dead Sea

Private Group Sightseeing hiking

We’ll start descending from the Jerusalem Mountains into the Judean Desert full of breathtaking views. Here, over 2000 years ago ancient Jews built two present times World Heritage sites, which we’ll visit today – Masada and Qumran. ​Our first stop will be a National Park Qumran, a two-thousand-year-old communal village of the Jewish Sect “Yahad”, which is also known as “Essenes”. This is also the place where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in the surrounding caves. ​Our way will further lead along the shores and breathtaking views of the Dead Sea to Masada Fortress. Masada, a dramatically located site of great natural beauty overlooking the Dead Sea, is a rugged natural fortress on which the Judaean King Herod the Great constructed his complex palace. One of the most exciting and frequently-toured places in Israel, Masada represents a story of perseverance and power, faith and surrender, ambitions, and finally – a tragic end. On our way back you may also enjoy a swim in the Dead Sea, one of the most exciting and unique experiences in one’s life. ​Price excludes relevant entrance fees.