500 Years Ago in Sepharat

Food and Drink Private Group Historical Walking

The Spanish culture owes a lot to its Jewish and Arabic ancestry and this tour will demonstrate the rich heritage through food and dance. You will walk through the oldest parts of Madrid and hear stories of the Sephardic Jews that lived in Madrid until their expulsion in the 15th century. While you sit in a centennial hidden area, a dancer will explain the roots of Flamenco, a dance that was born for people to express anguish after their prosecution. You will learn the basic hand and feet movements of this dance and you will clap castanets.

After the dancing, you will end the tour in an old gourmet market that still has traditional Spanish foods that were around in the 15th century. You will have the opportunity to taste 3 different wines and some traditional tapas. This tour takes you through the Spanish flavors and sounds from five centuries ago and is a unique experience to learn about Spanish culture and history that you won’t get anywhere else.