Mammadov Elchin

Elchin was born and raised in Azerbaijan, and for almost 10 years I have been working as a guide – your guide to the history and beauty of the “Land of Lights”.
His years of experience in tourism allow me to choose exactly the right routes, style, and pace of excursions individual for each group of tourists, for each guest.
I never burden my guests with dry, banal facts: my excursions are bright, exciting, and memorable stories that you want to live over and over again. I will always tell you an interesting case or a joke, appropriate to the moment, I will show non-standard, not often visited by tourists places, I will recommend the best restaurant, well and certainly I will tell the most interesting stories and stories of our old residents!
My excursions are exclusively author’s. Among them are “Jewish tour” in the city of Baku, “Jewish places” in different parts of our beautiful country, “Tour of the old city”, “Museum Tour” on Baku, “Tour of wineries of Azerbaijan”, as well as super active tours “Camping” and “Jeep Tour”, with climbing on the active mud volcanoes and much more.
Come to Azerbaijan! See our ancient and beautiful country differently!
Your guide,
Elchin Mammadov.

Gasimsadeh Rizvan

Rizvan Gasimzada was born in Lankaran and raised in Baku and is a qualified tour guide. While he can tell you the history of the top sights in Baku such as the Icherisheher(Old town) and Shirvanshah Palace, he also offers a few more specialized tours. Maybe you are interested in literature, football, art, music, or you wish to hear the tale of Maiden Tower or the Oil Barrons of Baku. There are also several other areas of further distances in the country that Rizvan can take you to as well, either by car or bus. You can explore the history of the Safavids Empire, the Gobustan Rock Carvings, the Highest village of Europe — Khinalig, or the Sheki Khans Palace. Wherever you want to explore, Rizvan will be happy to accoşmpany you and teach you everything he knows”

Ismailova Bahar

Bahar works as a guide since 2018 and provides tours in Hebrew, Russian, and English languages. Ismayılova Bahar lived in Israel for a few years and moved back to Azerbaijan. She loves working with Russian and Hebrew-speaking groups in any region of Azerbaijan since 2018.

Aliyev Iskandar

I have been blessed with several chances to study different things in different places. Having lived not only in Azerbaijan but also in Turkey and the United States, I’ve been able to improve both myself and my language skills. On top of Turkish, English, Azerbaijani, and Russian I can also get by in Persian and Arabic. Oh, and did I mention I also have a degree in law?
The reason why I’ve become a guide is simple: I love to present my country. I love talking about its history and culture. I love to see happiness in the eyes of tourists. From mud volcanoes to the melee of the wholesale bazaar there’s so much to show you in Baku!

Haciyev Javid

Have you ever come to an unknown city country? Are you interested in everything: culture, history, traditions and customs of the indigenous people, architecture, and local cuisine? If your answer is “yes” then Javid is your guy! He will show you all the significant objects using a personal specialized route. If you visit my tours, you will hear a number of unforgettable poems. You will be mesmerized by the bright and artistic method of the tour. I invite you to become my excursionist!

Jewish Heritage of Baku

The tour offers visit Ashkenazy synagogue of Baku- In 1946, a building of former depot of the civil defense on the corner of Korganov (now Rasul Rza) and Pervomayskaya (now Dilara Aliyeva) Streets in a semi-basement place was allocated for the present synagogue.The building was repaired and re-equipped for needs of communities together with a community of Georgian Jews of Azerbaijan. Two praying halls were built there: a big one for the Ashkenazi Jews and a small one for Georgian Jews.

Test Guide 1

Bein Harim Tourism Services LTD is a leading Israeli government licensed travel company, who conducts custom-made guided tours all over Israel. The company offers many different trips in a variety of languages led by professional guides.

Tzfat Walking Tour

Just mention “Tzfat” to any Israeli, and you’ll automatically see the far off gaze and glimmer in his eye…Who doesn’t long for Tzfat, home to the one time Tzfat Kabbalists and mystics of yesteryear, the city perched upon a hill with clear air and mystery around every corner….Come visit this magical city, where the past and present are intricately woven together……

On this special tour we will explore the winding alleyways and cobblestone streets of Tzfat. We will view the varied and beautiful artwork displayed in the Artists’ Quarter and admire the awe-inspiring views of Meron and the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee). We will also hear the miraculous stories of the War of Independence, and enter the Ancient Synagogues admiring their beauty and taking in their holiness. This historical tour also includes a few stop-offs at important historical religious sites in the Old Jewish Quarter, and the once operating British Police Station among other places.

You can also visit Otzar HaStam, Tzfat’s newest Biblical attraction – and one of the best. Not only is it a hands-on, time-travel adventure, Otzar HaStam brings Judaism to life with its interactive trivia game show, and the Letters of Adventure ride (built by the same people who make educational adventure rides for Disney’s Epcot Center). It also takes you back in time to the world of the ancient scribes when you participate in a scribe workshop. Discover the mystical secrets of the Hebrew letters, their role in creation of the universe, the receiving of the Ten Commandments and more.

Photo attribution: Adam Jones from Kelowna, BC, Canada, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Off the Beaten Path in the Galilee

A unique tour covering amazing and exciting sites that have yet to be discovered by everyone. As their popularity is rising, they are excited to offer a very authentic experience for all, such as Beit Shearim – The city of Dead, a winery with social values, and the most beautiful mosaics in the Holyland in Zippori. Rich history, exciting archeology, great wine, and a funky guide all combined in one tour. I love guiding, I love the land of Israel and nothing makes me happier than to share this love with others. I present very rich and informative guidance while presenting the information in a very vivid manner.