Ismailova Bahar

Bahar works as a guide since 2018 and provides tours in Hebrew, Russian, and English languages. Ismayılova Bahar lived in Israel for a few years and moved back to Azerbaijan. She loves working with Russian and Hebrew-speaking groups in any region of Azerbaijan since 2018.

Jewish Heritage of Baku

The tour offers visit Ashkenazy synagogue of Baku- In 1946, a building of former depot of the civil defense on the corner of Korganov (now Rasul Rza) and Pervomayskaya (now Dilara Aliyeva) Streets in a semi-basement place was allocated for the present synagogue.The building was repaired and re-equipped for needs of communities together with a community of Georgian Jews of Azerbaijan. Two praying halls were built there: a big one for the Ashkenazi Jews and a small one for Georgian Jews.

Daniel Rosenblum

Hey, my name is Daniel Rosenblum, I was born in Jerusalem and have been guiding in it for the last 30 years. My greatest passion is the land of Israel, its people, history and lanscapes.
I speak English, French, Italian, German and Hebrew, and would give you an emotional, informative and most of all – fun experience.
Wether you are a family or individual, a Christian, Jew or other, join me for a ride like you’ve never had before


Avraham is a ‘Tzabar’ (a native-born Israeli), a High-Technology professional, an avid traveler, a certified Tour Guide in Hebrew and English, and has a wealth of experience guiding and operating tours in Israel for both groups and individuals. AvrahamTours provides an exciting and enjoyable, moving and enriching experience, thanks to Avraham’s extensive knowledge on the subject. A love of the country and its people is a vital ingredient for a successful tour and Avraham has both. He knows Israel, her fascinating history and her many charming secrets.

Israel offers many beautiful sightseeing sites to visitors and travelers. You can find a lot of holiness, glory and fun when you come and visit Israel. You can enjoy Israel by touring its historical and archeological sites and routes, combined with hiking and tracking in Israel’s beautiful nature.

Tomer Chelouche

Tomer has been a tour guide in Tel Aviv since 2008 and has received outstanding ratings and reviews from the groups he has worked with. He offers a variety of tours in the Tel Aviv area but specialized in the Neve Tzedek neighborhood, as well as the Trail of Independence.

David Amiel

David’s background gives him a unique background and ability to give visitors a full tour. His family history gave him a particular interest in Tzfat’s history, and his academic credentials include a M.A. in History and Philosophy, with his Master’s thesis on “The Influences of Kabbalah on the Shabtai Tzvi Movement”. (Shabtai Tzvi was a false messiah of the 17th century who misled a huge segment of the Jewish World, including many great Rabbis, of the day. When he was denounced, and subsequently converted to Islam, it was akin to a spiritual catastrophe for the Jews of the day, who had been misled by Tzvi, as well as their own leadership).

Because Tzfat was such a huge center of the Jewish community of Israel throughout the 15th – 19th centuries, their descendents can today be found scattered throughout the world, and it is not uncommon for people from lands as far-flung as Australia, Brazil, South Africa, and everywhere in-between to arrive in Tzfat asking if “anyone knows where my great-great-great-grandmother Zissel Goldenfarb’s house is” and “does anyone know if there are any descendents left in Tzfat?”

Glass Blowing Demonstrations

Renowned glass blower and painter Sheva Chaya enlivens her beautiful and popular gallery in Tzfat’s Artist Quarter, where she shares her story, artistic process, and unique insights with thousands of visitors from around the world each year.

After receiving her degree in Visual arts and Art History from Princeton University in 1997, Sheva Chaya made Aliyah to Tzfat, Israel, where the land, the people, and the rich tradition of spiritual teachings infused a greater depth to her work.

Sheva Chaya works in the medium of borosilicate glass and watercolor paint. Her art touches the themes of the Land of Israel, Jewish women, Torah and Kaballah, great mystics, and inner light.

She leads various workshops and retreats, and teaches both painting and glassblowing.

Sheva Chaya regularly hosts lively glass blowing demonstrations in her studio, with a mystical twist unique to her and the city of Tzfat. Her glassblowing demos are well known and have made Tzfat Glass a destination for tourists and art enthusiasts.