Joshua Shapurkar

Joshua Shapurkar is a native of Mumbai and a member of the Bene Israel community. He has been a professional guide for more than 30 years. Full of knowledge and warmth, he has a special way of leading a group and sharing information. His passion for his country and his community shines through. Joshua’s attention to detail and love for his Jewish heritage bring to life the history of the Jewish people of India. During his career as a guide he has guided and managed important delegations for JFNA, AJC and AJDC.

Haanna Shapurkar

A member of the local Jewish Community of Mumbai, Hanna Shapurkar has been a licensed tour Guide for more than twenty years. Engaging and Knowledgeable and delightful to be with, Hanna is full of insights into the Jewish History of Mumbai and her sense of humor makes the tour fun.

Daniel Rosenblum

Hey, my name is Daniel Rosenblum, I was born in Jerusalem and have been guiding in it for the last 30 years. My greatest passion is the land of Israel, its people, history and lanscapes.
I speak English, French, Italian, German and Hebrew, and would give you an emotional, informative and most of all – fun experience.
Wether you are a family or individual, a Christian, Jew or other, join me for a ride like you’ve never had before


Avraham is a ‘Tzabar’ (a native-born Israeli), a High-Technology professional, an avid traveler, a certified Tour Guide in Hebrew and English, and has a wealth of experience guiding and operating tours in Israel for both groups and individuals. AvrahamTours provides an exciting and enjoyable, moving and enriching experience, thanks to Avraham’s extensive knowledge on the subject. A love of the country and its people is a vital ingredient for a successful tour and Avraham has both. He knows Israel, her fascinating history and her many charming secrets.

Israel offers many beautiful sightseeing sites to visitors and travelers. You can find a lot of holiness, glory and fun when you come and visit Israel. You can enjoy Israel by touring its historical and archeological sites and routes, combined with hiking and tracking in Israel’s beautiful nature.

Tomer Chelouche

Tomer has been a tour guide in Tel Aviv since 2008 and has received outstanding ratings and reviews from the groups he has worked with. He offers a variety of tours in the Tel Aviv area but specialized in the Neve Tzedek neighborhood, as well as the Trail of Independence.

Avi Mashiach

Do you want to know Israel through experiences and different things – through historical sites of more than 3000 years, nature, food, wine, various sectors. You are invited to join me on an exciting journey.

Hadara (Dari) Arbel

Native English speaker, born in 1984 in the United States, I have been living in Israel for nearly thirty years. Growing up in Jerusalem, one of the most intriguing and complex cities on earth, I have always been attracted to its history. Living in Tel Aviv and raising three young children, I keep my fingers on the pulse of its present.

Guiding has always been a part of my life: in youth groups, throughout my army service and shortly after as I was among the youngest licensed tour guides upon graduation. I have since gained 15 years of experience but am still as excited as I was on my very first day every time I meet a group, family or individual.

Tomislav Vuković

Tomislav is the author of the ‘Jewish Osijek Tour’ which is in detail described in the ‘Jewish Osijek’ brochure (available on this website also in the form of e-Book). Tomislav has already led many Jewish Osijek tours and, being a history and English teacher, he has also been educating the young generations and other teachers at the schools he has worked so far, as well as cooperating on Jewish Osijek project led by Osijek Nansen Dialogue Centre. Tomislav has also travelled to Israel where he attended some specialised trainings, seminars and conferences related to the Jewish history and cultural heritage. If you wish to get to know Jewish Osijek, Tomislav is definitely the right guide for you. His tours are available in Croatian and English and he can provide additional details and information upon your request.

Jonathan Jacobson


I am a tour guide in Israel. I offer tours all over Israel! Now I am offering tours virtually, but soon once the borders open, I will be offering tours in person, in the Holy Land!
I am fun, energetic and a funny guy, and I know Israel like the back of my hand. I am passionate about history and archeology, and I am even more passionate in sharing this amazing land with you 🙂