Joshua Shapurkar

Joshua Shapurkar is a native of Mumbai and a member of the Bene Israel community. He has been a professional guide for more than 30 years. Full of knowledge and warmth, he has a special way of leading a group and sharing information. His passion for his country and his community shines through. Joshua’s attention to detail and love for his Jewish heritage bring to life the history of the Jewish people of India. During his career as a guide he has guided and managed important delegations for JFNA, AJC and AJDC.

Aussie Guide

Aussie Guide is a full-service tour operator providing private tour packages throughout Israel. Our other services include Accommodation, Transport & Itinerary Planning.

By sharing stories and experiences, I provide tours that bring history, archaeology, Bible, nature, fun and laughs together – for all age groups, religions and backgrounds.

I truly love my land, its rich history, natural beauty and the diversity that Israeli culture offers.
As a licensed tour guide with the Ministry of Tourism, it’s my privilege to be able to show you around and share this passion with you. I am also a commercially licensed driver and offer private transport options.
I look forward to the opportunity of showing you Israel and what my small, yet remarkable country has to offer.

Richard Woolf

Whatever your interests and no matter how long you have available, I can make your stay here a worthwhile experience.
I have lived in the Galilee for the past thirty years, in the pleasant village of Rosh Pina. Whilst handily placed for the Galilee and the Golan Heights, I guide tours all over the country, especially Jerusalem.

I am happy to work with individuals, couples, families and small groups.

What can I offer you?

I will help you make the most of your trip
Whether you are here for a day, a week or a month, I can suggest an interesting tour to you, to suit both your timetable and interests.
I speak your language
I am a native English Speaker who also speaks fluent Hebrew.
I understand your needs
My clients come from all walks of life, age groups and culture
Jeep used for private guided tours
Richard Woolf, a licensed tour guide, has a wide ranging knowledge of the history and geography of Israel.

Travel Arrangements

I can arrange to meet you on your arrival at the airport or at your hotel in my own comfortable air-conditioned car.
Alternatively, we can travel in your hired car.

David Amiel

David’s background gives him a unique background and ability to give visitors a full tour. His family history gave him a particular interest in Tzfat’s history, and his academic credentials include a M.A. in History and Philosophy, with his Master’s thesis on “The Influences of Kabbalah on the Shabtai Tzvi Movement”. (Shabtai Tzvi was a false messiah of the 17th century who misled a huge segment of the Jewish World, including many great Rabbis, of the day. When he was denounced, and subsequently converted to Islam, it was akin to a spiritual catastrophe for the Jews of the day, who had been misled by Tzvi, as well as their own leadership).

Because Tzfat was such a huge center of the Jewish community of Israel throughout the 15th – 19th centuries, their descendents can today be found scattered throughout the world, and it is not uncommon for people from lands as far-flung as Australia, Brazil, South Africa, and everywhere in-between to arrive in Tzfat asking if “anyone knows where my great-great-great-grandmother Zissel Goldenfarb’s house is” and “does anyone know if there are any descendents left in Tzfat?”

Gidi Friedman

Hi, I’m Gidi, a native English speaker from Tiv’on – a small town near Haifa.

I am an experienced tour guide that believes in a sustainable way of life, and I’d love to show you this beautiful and endless country. From one-day tours, to much more, follow me on and off the beaten tracks, be it treks in the desert or day tours in the city.

Whatever your desires and wishes are, Let me plan and guide the best trip for you!

Avi Jeep

Hey! I am Avi Levy, a certified jeep tour guide with many years of experience in organizing and leading tours in general and field trips in particular.
I live in Kiryat Tivon with my wife, Dalit, and my seven children. From here I go for walks on the valley and mountain roads, the sea and the desert.
The SUVs we have have 6-8 seats.
The drivers I work with are some of the best veteran off-road drivers in Israel.

Adam Sela

As 1990 was drawing to an end I was beginning a new direction in life. Tired of working 8 days a week in a very high pressure but lucrative industry I was looking for something different.

One can work hard and play hard but to do that you need to make time and that was something I did not have. With the upcoming birth of our first son just playing hard was not an option either so I decided to try and turn my interests and hobbies into a livelihood and started checking out the options.
Widerness tourism was just beginning and I started at the bottom as a freelance guide in Mitzpe Ramon. Back then there was no “training”, most of us had some kind of military background and we all shared a love for the outdoors. I too had the military background where I learned to love the desert and coming from an outdoor lifestyle in Africa with loads of bush craft experience I quickly found my footing and developed my own style and then struck out on my own founding Challenging Experience.

Now, 30 years later, the industry has changed but I am still here and still loving it. Being able to enjoy one’s “job” makes it so much easier to do it well.
All my staff is handpicked and apart from the experience they bring they also receive extensive ‘in-house’ training. I believe that a huge part of any visit is time spent with the ‘locals’ and while not all out team has been in the area that long they do all share a love for the area and for people. We are often asked if we ever get bored ? The simple answer is an emphatic NO – the reason is that no two tours are ever the same especially as meeting new people is also part of what we enjoy.

I always say that we are neither the best nor the cheapest company out there, but some things make us stand out.
We have a great office staff, 5 days a week, giving our clients good service pre-tour and freeing the guides up (especially me) to be with YOU and not with the next or last client.

Three of our five guides are volunteers in the regional Search and Rescue Team (I am one of it’s founders) and also volunteer as reserve Policemen and United Hatzallah medical first responders.

When you tour with us you help support voluntary non profit organizations in the area. We are involved in almost every single Search and Rescue scenario in the region using our extensive knowledge of the area, our specific skills and our company hardware to help bring people to safety.

All our vehicles are well equipped including high power 2 way VHF radios (linked not only to each other but also to national emergency services), tools, first aid packs and even a gas stove to brew fresh coffee or tea.

Hadara (Dari) Arbel

Native English speaker, born in 1984 in the United States, I have been living in Israel for nearly thirty years. Growing up in Jerusalem, one of the most intriguing and complex cities on earth, I have always been attracted to its history. Living in Tel Aviv and raising three young children, I keep my fingers on the pulse of its present.

Guiding has always been a part of my life: in youth groups, throughout my army service and shortly after as I was among the youngest licensed tour guides upon graduation. I have since gained 15 years of experience but am still as excited as I was on my very first day every time I meet a group, family or individual.

Jonathan Jacobson


I am a tour guide in Israel. I offer tours all over Israel! Now I am offering tours virtually, but soon once the borders open, I will be offering tours in person, in the Holy Land!
I am fun, energetic and a funny guy, and I know Israel like the back of my hand. I am passionate about history and archeology, and I am even more passionate in sharing this amazing land with you 🙂