Jonathan Jacobson


I am a tour guide in Israel. I offer tours all over Israel! Now I am offering tours virtually, but soon once the borders open, I will be offering tours in person, in the Holy Land!
I am fun, energetic and a funny guy, and I know Israel like the back of my hand. I am passionate about history and archeology, and I am even more passionate in sharing this amazing land with you 🙂

Yshai Levi

My name is Yshai Levi and I live in Tel Aviv, with my wife, Tal and our two beautiful children, Gaya and Itai.
I have been a licensed tour guide in Israel and abroad for more than 25 years.
I studied history, philosophy and computer science at the Tel Aviv University.
I hold a MBA degree in marketing from Bar Ilan University.
I served as Educational commander in the Israeli Army.
I studied for 2 years to become a tour guide licensed by the ministry of tourism. We studied everything from geology through history and religion, all around Israel.
I speak Hebrew, English , Spanish and Portugese.
I guide mostly pilgrims from all over the world, coming to see the Bible come to life, walking the same path our ancestors did so many years ago, as it is written in the Bible.
Towards the end of 2000, I started a 14 year career as a quality assurance engineer and manager at various high tech companies.
Although, when the kids grew I returned to my real love – and opened my business – Quality Tours – specializing with tailor made tours for business travelers and pilgrims .
I love everything about history, geography and archaeology! Exploring the beauty that Israel has to offer is my passion!

Eli Vogman

I’ve been always fascinated by our small but special land of Israel. So small but so much to see, so much history and many experiences to collect. I’m lucky to discover my passion in an early stage of life, and even more lucky to share that passion with people from all around the globe.

I believe that a tour guide real role is to make you feel the heart of the land of Israel by reviving its history and connecting it to the present and the future. – Eli Vogman

Amit Musaei

My name is Amit Musaei. My life hobby is to travel and explore the land of Israel. at 2013 I decided to make a living from my passion and became a Licensed Tour Guide by the Ministry of Tourism in Israel. Nowadays I guide independent tourist & groups. I expertise in History, religions & ancient cultures. Through my tours I connect my travelers to the history of the land by showing the abundance of archaeological evidence, walking through world heritage sites & through Israel’s diverse nature. To enhance the experience we meet locals and travelers get to learn about Israel’s society.

When leading spiritual tours aspect of religions comes alive either by following Jesus footsteps or when coming to experience the land of the Jewish ancestors following the bible.
When touring in Israel Geopolitics would always be an interest, as a tour guide I am offering different aspects and trying to be unbiased.

Contact me on any question regarding your future visit to Israel. I am offering guiding services all around Israel and will plan the tour to your requests and interest. – Amit Musaei

Danny The Digger

Danny “the Digger” Herman is an Archaeologist, Lecturer, and entrepreneur. He is the chief guide of a team of experienced and enthusiastic  tour guides who lead tours around the country. Tours to Haifa, Israel’s largest northern city, include top attractions such as the Bahai Gardens, German Colony, Elijah’s Cave, Science Museum, National Maritime Museum, and The Technion.

Daniel Sigalov

am Daniel and I am a licensed tour guide in Israel. My specialty is to plan and guide tours all over Israel while making them informative and educational and at the same time with a lot of fun!
Being a tour guide is my passion. I love to share my knowledge about Israel.
In addition, I am a passionate guide of the Baha’i Gardens and I’ll always be happy to invite you for a private tour in those astonishing gardens.
am guiding small groups and families as well as big groups, from day tours up to 2-week trips.
My team and I can also organize your entire trip and take care of all the bookings and arrangments so you can enjoy your vacation care-free.
You are more than welcome to ask me any question!
-Israel With Fun Site


Benjamin is an Azerbaijani Jewish Zionist. He has interests in nature, camping, football, and more! When he is not touring around Azerbaijan, loves doing researcher and travelling and is also an accountant.

Arieh David Scharnberg

Want an experience you can’t get with a large group? Come join me for unique explorations of Azerbaijani Jewish history.
I am a researcher of Azerbaijani Jewish history and have compiled the most extensive database of Jewish historical locations in Azerbaijan to-date. I have 3 years of guiding experience in Azerbaijan + multiple years of guiding experience in the USA, Israel, Jordan, and Europe. It is my pleasure and honor to get to share these rich stories and locales with people wanting to experience them in Baku, Quba, and all across Azerbaijan’s rich cultural tapestry.

Silvia Nardin

Silvia is a licensed tour guide and travel advisor in Venice.
She has a degree in Tourism and Foreign Languages at Venice University.
Born and raised in Venice she’s totally in love with her hometown. She has over 20 years of background in the incoming travel industry and she is very generous sharing it with people visiting this unique city.
Silvia guides in Italian and English.


Karyna left her marketing job to follow her dream of becoming a full-time tour guide. Ever since moving to Vienna from the Ukraine thirteen years ago, she has been in love with the history and culture of Vienna. Even in the most hidden spots around the city, there is meaning and Karyna set out to discover the meaning and history of all the sites, streets, and alleyways that were around her.

She loves learning about the conflict and history that shaped Vienna into the city it is today, but even more than that, she loves being able to share that knowledge with the people around her. Her tours range from classic tours for those wanting a broad introduction of the city to specialty tours that dig into urban life, or the history of cinema in Vienna. Then there are surprise tours that can be arranged for those who might not know exactly what they want, but do know what they are not interested in. Karyna helps people discover Vienna and fall in love with the city in the same way she did.