Safed Klezmer Festival

Klezmer Festival in Safed is held throughout the alleyways and lanes of the Old Jewish Quarter and Artist Quarter. On each of the 3 nights of the festival, performances begin approximately 9:00p.m. and go through until after midnight. The performances are free and are all located within a 5 – 15 minute walk of each other in the town’s center. 

Tahanat Ruach

Tahanat Ruach is a cultural center in Kiryat Tivon that hosts several cultural events throughout the year. Established in April 2018, the center was inspired by the desire to integrate into the community’s diverse cultural collaborations. Through culture, art, coffee, and delicious food our goal is to create a bridge unifying the community of Tivon and the surrounding people who choose to take part in this cultural space.

Everyone is included in the productions and events that occur in the operation of our ever-evolving cafe, in the bustling sound, the lighting, and in the field of marketing and advertising of the space. Ultimately, this is part of our search for lively and fulfilling human encounters and interactions. A search that we are only at the beginning of, but one that already seems to give a kind of homely, warm, and inviting atmosphere to the surrounding environemnt.

Currently operating on the site is a fifth line LIVE that hosts local art and well-known artists who are loved and appreciated. Our cafe is open Monday to Friday from 8:00-14:00. We are also working hard on opening brunches and breakfasts on Fridays in conjunction with two sanities from Pardes Hanna-Karkur and also on a local fourth line for a nonchalant and non-binding local atmosphere. The place can also be rented out for the benefit of other cultural activities.

Sheik Avreik Festival

The Sheik Avreik Festival is an annual grassroots celebration of local culture, community, creativity, and the arts. Residents of Kiryat Tivon enjoy over 280 performances in and around Tivon. The Sheik Avreik Festival includes multiple activities hosted by Kfar Tikva and is greatly enjoyed by residents of all ages.

Tamar Festival

The annual Tamar Festival takes place at Masada and the Dead Sea and features some of Israel’s most prominent musicians and artists. It originated in 2000 to promote Israeli music as well as the beautiful desert landscapes. This multi-day festival includes concerts from sunrise to sunset and tickets are available online months in advance.

Jerusalem Jazz Festival

The Jerusalem Jazz Festival features a rich range of original productions, premieres, one-off musical collaborations, surprising mini shows, improvisations, and conversations with musicians, giving a new perspective to the artworks displayed throughout the museum. The artistic program reflects the variety of styles that comprise the contemporary jazz world, from world music, through hip hop, rock, groove, to supersonic jazz, and free jazz, classical chamber music, big band arrangements and more. The original productions were inspired by the artworks in the museum while other productions adapted the show in response to this creative space. This has led to a three-way dialogue between music, art, and cultural consumers.

This year, the festival focuses on original Israeli music from a wide range of styles. The extraordinary encounter between music and art, the festival’s inspiring hallmark from day one, continues to be a central pillar of the artistic program, with several different shows taking place throughout the museum’s magical sculpture garden every evening.

The 7th Jerusalem Jazz Festival, created by the Israel Festival in partnership with Israel Museum, and under the artistic direction of international trumpeter Avishai Cohen, will take place alongside the Israel Festival on 22-24.6.21, in the magical Sculpture Garden of the Israel Museum.

Sababa Music Festival

Sababa Fest is a meeting ground for Jews of all stripes and types, coming together to share an uplifting, rejuvenating, Shabbat experience with food, great music, nature, sports, and creative workshops nestled on the magical woodlands of Woodstock Festival in Bethel, NY.

From June 11-13 we will gather to celebrate Shabbos, eat great kosher food, hear awesome live music (before & after Shabbat), have yoga classes in the mornings, interactive workshops in the afternoon, late night chills by the bonfire, and sing and dance as we welcome the Shabbos queen. As Shabbat goes out, we will gather for an amazing Havdala ceremony, followed by live music from our headlining musical act Yemen Blues!

The Sababa Fest community has grown tremendously and we now host multiple events throughout the year for everyone to stay connected with each other. We also host a winter ski retreat, Rosh Hashana program, as well as Shabbos Nachamu & Rosh Chodesh Elul Camping Trips! Make sure to follow us on Instagram & Facebook to stay up to date on the shenanigans!