Midburn Festival

Midburn is a 5-day event which takes place annually in the Negev desert near Sde Boker. This event is heavily inspired by the famous “Burning Man” festival and is considered to be the regional equivalent. As such the event features incredible art and statue displays which are burned on the final night. While the event has parties it is not considered a music festival, rather encompasses themes such as spirituality, creativity, self-expression, community and much much more.

InDnegev Festival

InDnegev is a 3-day long music and art festival which takes place annually in the Negev desert. The festival is known for giving a platform and stage for up and coming independent Israeli artists, so much so its earned the nickname IndieNegev. The festival was started in 2007 and has been going strong ever since. If you’re a fan of indie art and music you don’t want to miss this festival, expected to take place in Mitzpe Gvulot in the Negev.