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Introduction to Jewish Mumbai

Mumbai is a bustling metropolis with a rich and diverse history, including the contributions of its Jewish community. Jews first settled in Mumbai over 500 years ago, and today there are still many sites of religious and cultural importance to visit. From exploring the Jewish Quarter to learning about famous figures who lived or died in the city, there is much to discover on a journey through Jewish Mumbai. Join us as we explore this vibrant culture, uncovering centuries-old stories that have shaped this remarkable city.

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Falafel is an ancient dish that has been popular in Egypt and now the rest of the Middle East. The history of falafel goes back to the days of the pharaohs. The name most likely devise from the Arabic word for spicy, Mefelfel. The Copts, an Egyptian Christian sect, also claim to have invented the ta’amia, the fava-bean fritter that is parent to the falafel. It is believed that falafels were invented in Alexandria. Since Alexandria is a port, sailors from all over took the delicious little patties home, and eventually falafel became popular fasts food all over the Middle East. Accordingly, Middle Eastern Jews overwhelmingly favored chickpeas solo in their falafels. An early Middle Eastern fast food, falafel was commonly sold wrapped in paper, but not served in the familiar pita sandwich. Beginning in the 1950s, Yemenite immigrants in Israel took up making falafel to earn a livehood, utilizing the chickpea version common in the Levant and transformed this ancient treat into the Israeli national street food. It’s hard to come by authentic, good quality, healthy Mediterranean and Lebanese cuisine. Falafel’s not only pioneered the segment but remains the leader even today! From an array of delicious falafels and yummy hummus platters, to healthy wraps, and salads to powerhouse meal boxes, Falafel’s has slightly tempered all of these to suit the Indian palate, while retaining all the original flavours. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian fares come in a wide variety of flavours that will leave you spoilt for choice. All dishes at Falafel’s are priced sparingly so that healthy food is always available to you without burning a hole in your pocket.The focus remains on good food and quick service so that you never have to wait long for your meal. One of the fastest growing quick service meal chains in the country, Falafel’s is the nourishing answer to all your food cravings!

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Speaking of “Chasing Challah in Mumbai,” another one in the series that is archived in the Museum of Jewish People’s library archives in Tel Aviv, Israel. Read the story on my site. Many challah recipes for Rosh Hashanah are on my site. Even one Indian inspired. Link in profile. 📷©ShulieMadnick (Nikon) ...

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How A Mumbai Cook Prepares For Rosh HaShanah story is now published on my site. Link in profile. Watch the video in the article. I am curating all High Holidays articles and recipes I have published in various newspapers and magazines over the years in one space on my site. Stay tuned for more as we approach the Jewish New Year on September 18. Copyright ©️ShulieMadnick (Nikon) Ah & going back to no crop format. ...

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Halwa (AKA Indian malabi/milk pudding). This time I made it with coconut milk (the original version). We flavor it with cardamon (m), not rose water. Next time I will thicken it with chik (wheat starch). I added natural beta carotene based food coloring. Ah & churned it with an old hand mixer for the first time instead of stirring with a large spoon by hand. It creates a bit of a mess but easier though it doesn`t shorten the churning time. I didn`t add blanched and sliced thin pistachios and almonds due to tree-nut allergies. Need to cool down and refrigerate. We cut it into diamonds and serve..We usually make it for Rosh HaShanah, but Sagie is here, and before he heads back, I made this. It`s his favorite, and he hadn`t had it in years. However, he had malabi in Israel. BTW, the milk halwa recipe is on my site, but FYI, it`s not an easy recipe. (iPhone) ...

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Say hello to Aarishaa!
Tomorrow (Sunday) Aarishaa will take over our stories to give us a glimpse for her life as a Jewish teenager in Mumbai! Check it out!
aarishaa___1105 #jewishmumbai

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This is the craziest thing. I just discovered that my article “Chasing Challah in Mumbai” was translated to Yiddish in 2017. It might be a global first. Lol. Who would have imagined an article by this Indian Israeli Jewess would be translated to Yiddish (Yiddish is written with the Hebrew alphabet). Next, someone needs to translate it to Ladino, Hebrew, Marathi & Hindi. ...

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Was #honoured by the #jewishheritage #jewishcommunity #jewishmumbai #mumbaijews #jews #jewish #mtdc #rotary #rotarymumbai #rotaryclub amfahindia museumjewishheritage jewishnewsculture mumbai_jews mumbai_jews jewishvoiceforpeace ...

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Indian halwa, milk or coconut milk-based custard, traditional for Rosh Hashanah. It’s sort of similar to malabi if you are looking for a point of reference. Happy Rosh Hashanah, Jewish New Year, to you all! I didn’t add nuts here due to an allergy. Copyright © ShulieMadnick Traditional Indian pastries for break the fast on Yom Kippur, are featured on IG Stories. ...

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It’s not an Indian Rosh HaShanah without halwa, a sweet milk custard with cardamon that is chilled & then sliced into diamonds. It`s reminiscent of sahleb (salep). At 10 am we arrived at my mom’s, and her Indian friend/caretaker and I took turns churning this quadruple batch for almost two hours. We should have put it on the larger flame, but it was risky. We needed to watch that the halwa wouldn’t curdle, so we kept it on the lower flame and stirred fervently. I have written before about halwa for Rosh HaShanah and even shared in the past halwa making before Rosh HaShanah from my trip to India. (iPhone)
זה לא ראש השנה הודי בלי הלווה, מין פודינג ממותק הודי עם חלב והל שמקררים וחותכים למעויינים. זה מאוד מזכיר את הסחלב. הגענו לאמא שלי הבוקר ואני והחברה/מטפלת ההודית שלה ערבבנו וערבבנו כמעט שעתיים. הכמות הזו היא פי ארבע מהרגיל. כתבתי מאמרים על הלווה וראש השנה ואפילו חלקתי פה בעבר וידאו של הכנת הלווה בהודו לפני ראש השנה.

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#Tbt to my trip to Mumbai last January _______________________________________________

I often say that I was raised with the Jewish Mumbai of the 1950`s and prior. Growing up my parents and family made sure I was raised knowing about those who proceeded me and their service and actions which molded the future for their descendants.

There were often references to my great great grandfather Haeem Samuel Kehimkar Z"l. After only having 6th grade level of formal education he mounted up to become a great historian and icon for the Bene Israel community. He wrote the first history book of the Bene Israelis, "The History of Bene Israel of India." When he was offered land by the British he chose to a lot it for the Jewish cemetery and the first Jewish school in Mumbai, the Israelite School, which is now known as the Sir Elly Kadoorie School.

Standing on the grounds of the school made me think of his vision and legacy. To me my great great grandfather represented what it means to be an individual for the people. He was a proud Jew of India and believed in investing in the future. He valued education and Judaism and wanted an enriched future for our community.

To me the best way to continue his legacy is to invest in our youth and make sure they receive worth while formal and informal education as well as opportunities. They should be connected with others from the community around the world and be pushed forward.
The best thing my parents could have done was not only tell me the stories of my community`s origins, but to add life lessons on how it should inspire me to dream big and aim high. ✡️🇮🇳🕍

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