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Jewish Museum of Turkey

The Quincentennial Foundation Museum Of Turkish Jews, which has been in service since 2001 in Karaköy Perçemli Street, has welcomed its visitors to its new complex, The Neve Shalom Synagogue in December 2015 with its updated content and modern exhibition technologies. The museum consists of the presentation of the 2600 years of historical and cultural heritage of Turkish Jews in this land, their contributions to the social and state life of the country they live in; of sections presenting the history,the ethnography,The Midrash, where religious objects are exhibited, the traditions, the life cycle and the settlements. The midway hall, which establishes the physical connection between the Museum and Neve Shalom, which is located on 3 floors, enables the live viewing of religious ceremonies in the synagogue. Witnessing rituals such as circumcision, weddings and Bar Mitzvah actually makes the museum visitor a part of the ceremony. Equipped with contemporary museum concepts, interactive panels have been designed and technology has found its place in the museum with touch screens. In the Cultural Center, which is located in the basement and used for temporary exhibitions, periodical exhibitions are frequently held. In 2001, the Synagogue was put into service as a museum, with the valuable contributions of the Kamhi family, Naim A. Güleryüz's suggestions and design, within the framework of the celebration program by The Quincentennial Foundation. The building maintained this function until 2015.

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Tours of Istanbul


Jewish Heritage Tour in Istanbul

Learn the background story of the Jewish heritage in Istanbul. Our walk includes a deep understanding of the story of the Jewish population in Istanbul with the lead of a specialist guide. On the midnight of August 2, 1492, when Columbus embarked on what would become his most famous expedition to the New World, his fleet departed from the relatively unknown seaport of Palos because the shipping lanes of Cadiz and Seville were clogged with Sephardic Jews expelled from Spain by the Edict of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain. Where would they go? In the faraway Ottoman Empire, one ruler extended an immediate welcome to the persecuted Jews of Spain, the Sephardim. For 300 years following the expulsion, the prosperity and creativity of the Ottoman Jews rivaled that of the Golden Age of Spain. Today, the Jewish community in Turkey is composed of about 26,000 people, and most of them live in Istanbul. Jewish Museum of Turkey The museum is a well-designed place to learn the story of 700 years of amity between Turks and Jews. The mission of the museum is to collect, preserve, exhibit, interpret, and disseminate knowledge about the cultural heritage of the Turkish Jews. It’s an opportunity to understand the local Jewish heritage in Istanbul. Ahrida Synagogue Located in Balat near the Golden Horn, built by Jews of Ohri (Macedonia) more than 550 years ago and recently renovated during the Quincentennial Celebrations in 1992, the Ahrida Synagogue is known foremost for its boat-shaped bimah. The Town of Balat Balat housed the first Jews who settled in Istanbul after the Spanish expulsion. Today, it’s a middle-class neighborhood. As you walk through the town, you can see the oldest Jewish houses with their proud stars of David.

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מסעדות בסגנון יהודי JEWISH STYLE RESTAURANTS


Caffe Eden

Caffe Eden, which is opened in the center of Ortaköy, is at the service of those who want to eat kosher meat, burgers, doner kebabs, lahmacun and pita bread. All meat served in the new kosher cafe / restaurant are produced in specially supervised facilities. The animals, which are slaughtered by the supervised martyrs in accordance with the martyr's rules, are delivered to the restaurant in accordance with the hygiene conditions after all the necessary controls are carried out. Caffe Eden's kitchen and food are constantly supervised by the observer in the restaurant. Caffe Eden has been adding new products to its menu every week since the day it opened. The disruptions seen in the opening and trial production processes are quickly eliminated and going further every day. Classic doner flip, meatballs, wet hamburger, New York hamburger, meat pita and crispy lahmacun are among the most sought after varieties by customers. Every Wednesday, special chicken doner kebab day is offered to those who prefer chicken. Caffe Eden, where specialties such as liver and stuffed meatballs will be offered on special occasions, offers its restaurant customers, which are freshly prepared every day, and are hosted in a warm atmosphere as if guests come to their homes. Caffe Eden also provides motor service to Bebek, Gayrettepe, Beşiktaş, Arnavutköy, Kuruçeşme, Ulus, Etiler, considering match days and meetings, when it is not desired to leave the house, when guests are hosted at home. In addition to these varieties, which are offered fresh daily, Denet market products can also be purchased from the restaurant. When a special order is placed, sluder liver, stony, wing, tongue orders that cannot be found everywhere can also be prepared and sent to the houses. A different feature of Caffe Eden is that between 15.00- 17.30 except Sunday, a 20 percent discount is applied to the products in the menu.

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מדריכים בעיר CITY GUIDES

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Hotels in Istanbul


Hotel Turkish House

The building was made from wood at the end of 18th century and it is situated at Sultanahmet quarter, which is at the core of the old Istanbul, the capital city of three great civilizations. The Sultanahmet Mosque and it’s social complex, the Sultanahmet square, where the building is situated, are surrounded by the Great Palace constructed during the Byzantine Empire era. The garden wall of the Great Palace is surviving today; you can take your breakfast at the shadow of the Great Palace wall at the Hotel Turkish House Sultanahmet; during the reconstruction of the hotel, structure remnants dating from the late Byzantine early Ottoman era were found; they were taken under protection as first degree archeological remnants and offered to the appreciation of hotel guests, being visible under a glass corridor. The historical building was reconstructed in traditional wood carcass system and architectural style, as in the original structure. The traditional “lath and plaster” technique is made through hammering wood lath on wood carcass with lime mortar. Wall and floor panels made with İznik tiles, which is a traditional Turkish art, bordures as well as ceramics are used in the building. Again wall motifs called “hand-drawn”, an Ottoman Turkish hand craft are drawn by artists. Stone wall technique is performed in the garden with original “Khorasan Coating”, “the marble of Marmara” is used in the bathrooms. The traditional wooden Turkish house built at Sultanahmet, Istanbul is an historical cultural asset, which should be preserved; the Hotel shall provide accommodation for its guests as a boutique hotel under the name of Hotel Turkish House Sultanahmet.

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